BBS West

Tailgaters looking to get the party started early … or traveling in a larger-than-life vehicle (over 21ft in length) are encouraged to join our tailgate partners, the Bengal Bomb Squad — West in Longworth Hall!

Here’s a little about them …

It all started back in 2001. Ray Neace, called his son — AceRaison — one morning and told him to meet him at Longworth Hall before a Bengals home game. He’d had season tickets for 30 years prior and the two usually hit a sub shop before games but they decided to try something different. They found the experience to be quite exhilarating, having a great time mingling with the other fans and watching all the different games and cookouts people had. With their tailgating partner Greg Ivey, aka Quiet Storm, suppling them with a massive sound system and all the gear they needed to throw the ultimate tailgate party … the two never went back to the sub shop!

Each year, the tailgate had more and more people join them on game day. Some are family and friends and others are people they meet tailgating. After meeting up with the original Bengal Bomb Squad, they started taking in Bengals fans from out of town, as well as fans from other teams. They quickly found out that their crew shared a lot of the same attributes as the Bengal Bomb Squad. In 2016, the Longworth tailgate was honored when the Bengal Bomb Squad asked us to adopt their organizations name and become known as “Bengal Bomb Squad – West”. Meeting new people, regardless of which team they cheer for, is one of their favorite parts of game day. They strongly encourage sportsmanship and are happy to help out with charitable activities.

Anyone visiting Cincinnati is welcome to join the Bengal Bomb Squad — West at Longworth Hall behind the railroad tracks in the back of the lot. They always have their original crew from 2001 which includes Ace Raison, Quiet Storm, Radar, Keith Ivey and Shane Hamblin. The group is much, much bigger now and are always happy to bring in new faces!


Lot 1
Corner of Central Ave. & Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Directly northwest across street from Paul Brown Stadium
Look for our 22-foot tiger tail!