Tailgating Hall of Fame

The Bengal Bomb Squad & BBS-West are both members of the Tailgating Hall of Fame! It’s an honor to be selected to the elite group of tailgaters who believe in similar core values.

Every season, we present Tailgate Hall Of Fame “Challenge Coins” to select members of our crews who’ve represented the best we have to offer, stepping up to the plate to make sure the Bengal Bomb Squad & BBS-West continue to knock the Who Dey Party out of the park!

The Tailgating Hall of Fame is a coalition of tailgaters from across the nation bound by their love of good food, good people, and the age old tradition of putting meat to flame. The practice of game day tailgating has evolved considerably from the use of a simple charcoal grill to char processed meats to a blackened crisp. These days, tailgating groups numbering from dozens of fans to several hundred, gather together in parking lots for several hours before the sporting  event begins to cook up an entire day’s worth of food. Barbecue pits capable of smoking or slow roasting chophouse-quality meats have replaced traditional hibachi grills. Beer kegs with portable C02 systems and fully stocked bars have surpassed the standard six pack of cans that were unceremoniously thrown into a cooler on the way out the door. Mobile ovens and deep fryers prepare culinary masterpieces that rival any gourmet meal you might get from a restaurant. As a result, typical game day tradition is shifting from a loose collection of separate individuals preparing a quick pregame snack out on the asphalt, to a series of coordinated blacktop culinarians creating a sense of community among the fans that gather together on gameday.

The Tailgating Hall of Fame is a community of those of us who gather together for every home game to support their team through the good times and the bad. It is an opportunity to recognize the regional delicacies and traditions that exist as one travels across the country, seeking out the most innovative, gameday tailgaters in our great nation. It’s also an opportunity to network with other fans who share a similar passion for their professional franchises and express it on gameday in a variety of unique food preparatory practices.

Tailgating Hall of Fame members share a kinship in their craft that blurs the battle lines set up to divide us as one team takes on another. Our shield and challenge coin are a symbol of the open invitation that exists between Hall of Fame members as they take to the road to support their team in “enemy” territory. The great thing about the nature of us as tailgaters, is that at the end of the day, no matter what colors we’re wearing, we’d rather just kick back and have a burger and beer as we reflect on another great Sunday in the National Football League.

Members presented with THOF Challenge Coins:
Jungle Judy (2012)
Boss B (2012)
WhoDeyBaby (2012)
Melissa B. (2012)
Big John (2012)
The Bengal Thing (2012)
Stu (2015)
Karen M. (2015)
John M. (2015)
The Drew (2015)
New Rob (2015)
Tank (2015)
Jennifer V. (2015)
Fireman Andy (2015)
Kayla (2015)
Lil Shel (2015)
Eric (2015)
Chris W. (2015)
Jason H. (2015)
Matt W. (2016)
Nita (2016)
Sean W. (2016)
Tim V. (2016)
Who Dey Nurse (2016)
Joe L. (2016)
Mario (2016)
Ron Runyan (2016)


Lot 1
Corner of Central Ave. & Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Directly northwest across street from Paul Brown Stadium
Look for our 22-foot tiger tail!