Our Members

The Bengal Bomb Squad is an eclectic group of fans from all over the world! We are a Bengals fan & tailgate family!

From super fans & costumed-crazies to 40+ year season ticket holders to first-timers and more, we’re a Bengals family that’s here to make SunDEY special for everyone. We’re hosting the tailgate that we’ve always wanted to be a part of.

If you want to join the Bengal Bomb Squad, all you have to do is come down to Lot 1 on game DEY, bring a dish to share, and join in our tailgate family!

Want to be a Bengal Bomb Squad member and earn that “membership button?” Then be a regular, and help us out every week with setup and/or teardown of the tailgate … or work with us to find ways to make the tailgate better for all. Our membership buttons go to the fans who we see doing their part to keep the Bengal Bomb Squad as “… the best party in the NFL!” (Karl “Ram Man” Sides, president of the PFUFA)


Lot 1
Corner of Central Ave. & Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Directly northwest across street from Paul Brown Stadium
Look for our 22-foot tiger tail!